Third Party Insurance

A unique offer for quick third party insurance
 What is third party insurance?
Even when we drive very carefully we may accidently damage another car. Even the smallest mistake can cost a lot of money which is why “Avramov Yacov – Insurances” recommend doing a third party insurance.
Third party insurance is one that covers the owner of the car in case he damaged another vehicle and is obligated to fix the damage. This is why this policy will pay the hurt party for the approximated cost of the damage and the costumer will have to pay policyholder’s participation of said amount.
These policies are known as partial, and the rates are set by driver’s seniority and the amount of drivers driving the car.
What does third party insurance include?
The extent of the responsibility for this coverage can extend from
300,000 to 500,000 NIS (standard)
Possible expansion for third party insurance:
  • Juristic defence
  • Windshield
  • Tow service
  • Replacement car
  • Extensive structure damage
  • Canceling policyholder’s participation by adding premium.
Why does everyone get third party insurance with us?
Because here at “Avramov Yacov – Insurances” the customer knows that you don’t just call and get insurance, you get a close and personal service that provides consultation when needed in person, for every matter. “Avramov Yacov – Insurances” is an agency that has been specializing for years in this field and it’s obvious we’re extremely professional is this area. This can give you, the costumer, piece of mind, and the assurance that you can consult with, whenever you need, not only by phone
A unique offer for quick third party insurance